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Some of my history goes back to Blackfoot Lakota Souix and through my one 
uncle that I went hunting with, pretty much from toddler-hood, I have a 
strong liking for raw meat and liver and fish.  I finally broke the habit of 
eating bits of the fresh kill when I started hunting with my ex who used to 
get so very upset that I would do that.  Irishmen...wimps.  I still like it 
though and will partake whenever possible.  Raw beef with salt, yum!
>That's some of mine, too--first ones I know about landed on the right coast
>some time in the early/mid 1600s.  The rest (about which I know, that is),
>seemed to trickle onto the continent from various bits of the British Isles
>in the early/mid 19th century, with one exception coming towards the end of
>that century.  I have an odd name, too (Clemenger), but it's not due to any
>re-spellings on Ellis Island.  It's just a rare name--some sort of variant
>on Clevenger, and, apparently, distinctly Norman-Irish.  When I google it, 
>mostly get hits on the distant cousins in Australia, who have some sort of
>huge advertising firm, but there's also a Bruce C. in Canada (where we came
>from prior to settling in the US), who's some sort of serious, right-wing
>rabble rouser.  ;o)
>Nothing of much ethnic interest in the few family recipes I have--a couple
>of recipes from each Grandma, my Dad's spaghetti sauce (all 3 of us kids
>make some variant of it), and odd fondnesses for an egg dish called 
>Monkey" (which has curry in it) and chutneys--apparently, there was a
>paternal ancestor who was a missionary to India in the 19th century.  There
>are a couple of other family standards (holiday jello recipe being one) 
>I know are Forest Service recipes, but they're all pretty
>standard-American-regional stuff.  We did tend to eat enough shellfish and
>Italian food to make the neighbors suspect something, but that's more from
>my folks' east coast origins.  I very much doubt there was so much as a
>pizza joint in this state when they moved here in '58.
>--Maire "it's a grinder not a sub or a hoagie, dammit" NiNuanain
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> > On my side of our family, we have the folks who came to the US before it
> > the US.....so our family recipes are mostly a matter of what we were
> > as children, and are pretty much regional in nature.
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