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Fri May 18 17:20:07 PDT 2007

Well, while not about period food, it _is_ food-related... if  
interested, check your local PBS schedule.


Masterpiece Theatre # 3706 The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton

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Just as Nigella Lawson and Martha Stewart have turned Americans and  
Britons into nations of wannabe domestic goddesses, the Victorians  
had their own preacher in the shape of Mrs. Isabella Beeton (Anna  
Madeley, _Inspector Lewis_). How did a woman who couldn't cook  
produce the world's most famous recipe book? Dead by the age of 28,  
this cultural icon was not the dumpy, crinolined matron Britons have  
been led to believe, but instead a sassy, feisty, and very talented  
journalist and editor with an entrepreneurial husband, Sam (JJ Feild,  
_To the Ends of the Earth_). Theirs was an extraordinary marriage,  
the meeting of two creative minds to the enhancement of both. But it  
was the start of this marriage that led to Isabella's untimely death,  
and the revelation of a dark secret. (Closed Captioning) (Stereo)  
(Descriptive Video Service)


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