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On May 19, 2007, at 6:36 AM, Margaret Rendell wrote:

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>>> / On May 18, 2007, at 10:02 AM, Sue Clemenger wrote:
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>> />>/ --Maire "it's a grinder not a sub or a hoagie, dammit" NiNuanain
>> />/
>> />/ Here, it's none of those things, in spite of the intrusions of
>> />/ insidious and substandard national chains. It's a hero. Accept  
>> no sub-
>> />/ stitutes. Most especially, it is not a "wedge" <shudder>.
>> /
>> And does is come with coke, soda, or pop?
>> toodles, margaret
>> (from PGH, where is adamantly a hoagie with pop :-))
> I've been skimming a bit lately, so I may be reposting what originally
> led to this question (sorry), but if not, enjoy...
> http://popvssoda.com:2998/countystats/total-county.html
> and the correct answer is "soft drink" :)

Hmmm... I'd think most people would say "soft drink" is a group or  
generic term for the larger set of non-alcoholic beverages, of which  
soda/soda pop/phosphates (does anyone on earth really call anything  
that is not Coca-Cola brand cola "coke"?) is a subset. Other soft  
drinks might include lemonade, fruit juices, chocolate  or malted  
milk, milk shakes, etc. My suspicion is that many such drinks evolved  
as commercial products in response to Sunday blue laws against  
alcohol sale.

I'm reminded of the wonderful early P.G. Wodehouse short story, "My  
Battle With Drink," in which our hero falls in with a fast-paced  
crowd of decadent pleasure-seekers, has his first brief flirtations  
with lemon-squash and cherry phosphate, and eventually sinks into a  
life of total depravity, hitting the hard stuff with double-scoop  
black-and-white sodas. Of course, just when his health is ruined, and  
he's left in the gutter without a friend, or a penny, in the world,  
he's pulled from the brink by the love of a good woman and a bottle  
of Scotch. "I drink highballs for breakfast," he says. "I am saved!!!"

Then, of course, there was the Kids In the Hall routine about The  
Girl-Drink Drunk, his life a shambles as he forever seeks his next  
fix of crushed ice, little paper umbrellas, and a blender...

Adamantius, off to pour himself a healthy breakfast 

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