[Sca-cooks] Horchata - Barley Water

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sat May 19 10:15:33 PDT 2007

This should be "rice substituted for barley."  Since barley water is 
mentioned in Anthimus in the 6th Century, it predates the extensive 
cultivation and common use of rice in Europe which occurs between the 8th 
and 10th Centuries.  As the Arabs are the primary source for rice in Europe, 
it would be reasonable for a change from barley to rice to occur there.  The 
key issue, of course, is accurate documentation.

The earthnut mentioned in the quote is probably Arachis hypogaea, the 
peanut, rather than any members of the genera Apios, Vigna, Lathyrus, 
Conopodium, Bunium, or Tuber, that are also referred to as groundnuts or 


> OK--I'm confused  the only mention of Rice is that
> later someone substituted barley for the rice???
> "Someone asked about horchata being barley water or
> something like that. The word horchata (orgeat in
> English), comes from the Latin: hordeata (made with
> barley) fr. hordeum (barley). Yes originally is was
> cooling drink made with barley. Later nuts of various
> types were used. It was a common drink among
> Hispano-Arabs, especially in Cordova by the 10th C at
> least. In 15th C. Castile, it was made from orange
> flower water and barley, almonds or other nuts. Later,
> Valencias substituted barley for rice. It was not
> until the late 17th C that the earthnut was used to
> make the orgeat that known there today."
> Arianwen ferch Arthur

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