[Sca-cooks] Just say coke, was Meanderings on family histories

Sharron Albert morgana at gci.net
Sat May 19 23:46:44 PDT 2007

>At least restaurants etc. in the states let you know
>ist not coca cola when you order a coke (usually
>Pepsi, but ones they said it was RC cola)  here I only
>know its pepsi when I get it and its too sweet (if I
>knew I would get sparkling lemnoade instead sigh)
>Yes, people just order Coke
>Arianwen ferch Arthur

Just this afternoon I ordered a coke, and received a Coke. Local 
restaurants here will tell us if their product is Pepsi, rather than 
Coke. At that point I just smile and say "as long as its cola-based, 
caffeinated and sweetened" it's fine with me.

Personally, I find all the diet-cola products to be taste 
abominations. I'd rather drink a diet orange or other fruit-flavored 
soda (my generic term for carbonated beverages). YMMV.

Morgana in Alaska
Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy 
is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. --Savielly 
Tartakover, GM, quoted in "The Eight" by Katherine Neville 

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