[Sca-cooks] butter from almond milk?

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Tue May 22 10:22:47 PDT 2007

On May 22, 2007, at 7:33 AM, Tasha wrote:

> I've previously made and used almond milk a few
> times and was intrigued to find a web site that
> said it could be churned into butter but I can't
> find instructions for making it. I've
> successfully made butter before with an electric
> mixer and I tried to do the same with the almond
> milk but all I got was frothy almond milk. How is
> butter made from almond milk?
> Eydís
> (finally making her first post)

Hello, Eydís!

 From what I can see, the process for making "butter" from almond  
milk is probably  more like making cheese from milk than it is like  
making butter from milk or cream or grinding "butter" from nuts.

After a brief search of a couple of sources, I found these in MS S,  
ff. 80r-92r (which is essentially Part III, the "Utilis Coquinario"  
section, of Curye On Inglysch):

5 For to make crem & botere of almoundes. Tak blaunched almaundes &  
bray hem wel in a morter, & tempre hem with luk water. & draw (th) 
erof melk as thikke as (th)ou my(gh)t, & do it in a newe erthen pot,  
& do (th)erto vynegre hett a litel. Whan (th)e melk & (th)e venegre  
be put togedere perce je pot beneth (th)at (th)e licoure may renne  
out, & whan it is all ronnen tak (th)at (th)at leueth in (th)e pot &  
do in a fayre twayle & left it vp & doun; & whan (th)e licoure is out  
clene, tak it of (th)e twayle & it is botere & creem.

7 Botere of almand melk. Tak (th)ikke almound melk & boyle it, & as  
it boyleth cast yn a litel wyn or vynegre, & (th)an do it on a  
caneuas & lat (th)e whey renne out. & an gadere it vp with (th)yn  
hondes & hang it vp a myle wey, & ley it after in cold water, & serue  
it forth.

In both cases you're mixing almond milk with acid after contriving to  
warm up the aggregate mass, presumably to help the curdling process,  
then draining off the clear whey. In the second recipe you're  
chilling the end product before serving to firm it up, perhaps to  
make the illusion more successful.

Hope this helps!


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