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> Saint Phlip wrote:
>> I've named the ducks, btw, because I at least know what gender they
>> are- since they're Indian Runners, the drake is Jim Thorpe, the ladies
>> are Wenona, Sacajawea, and Pocahontas. Still waiting to name the
>> geese, because I don't know what gender they are, beyond knowing I
>> have at least one gander and one goose. Will be Roman names, however
>> ;-) Any suggestions?
> I like Livia and Aurelia :-)

Well, it's more Greek than Roman, but you could go with Zeus/Jupiter and 
all the ladies who had little heros by him. Just off the top of my head 

  Europa (Mythical first queen of Crete- ZJ in the shape of a white bull)
  Leda (Mother of Castor, Pollox, Clytemnestra,and Helen. That Helen. - ZJ 
in the shape of a swan)
  Io (Founder of various dynasties - ZJ in the shape of a cloud)
  Danae (Mother of Perseus - ZJ in the shape of a shower of gold coins)
  Alcmena (mother of Hercules - ZJ in the shape of her husband)

For roman names, why not give the ganders proper tria nomena names, (Gaius 
Julius Rufus [Gaius Julius the red], Tiberius Aurelius Aquila [Tiberius 
Aurelius the eagle] Publius Furius Crassus [Publius Furius the fat]), and 
just call the girls Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quadrata, Quinta, Sexta, etc. 
When, when they have hatchlings, the boys inherit the nomen (the middle 
name), with their own praenomen and cognomen, and the girls become Julia 
Majora and Julia Minora, etc or Aurelia Prima, Furia Prima, etc, depending 
on who you think the father is :-)

Aren't roman names fun?

toodles, margaret

(Of course, there is always Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero for the boys, and 
Agripinella, Messalina, Julia, and Popea for the girls.  Doesn't say much 
about their character, though...)

toodles,  margaret

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