[Sca-cooks] Kings College Class test part 1. (Long)

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Wed May 23 10:15:08 PDT 2007

Just keep us posted as to when/where.  I do have some period cooking
pots/tools that I can bring if I know for sure it's happening...


On 5/23/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >When you put your notes together for your class, is there any way I might
> >entreat you to share a copy of them with me/those of us who just live
> 'way
> >too far away to attend?
> I'm sure I can figure out something. Of course NOW I'm going to
> actually create written materials instead of just doing and talking
> and making the attendees do all the work!
> >I know that it won't be nearly as good as being
> >there in person, but even the notes would be better than nothing!
> Well, you guys know me, I'll post a full post-mortem after the class
> with how it went anyway.
> >Or...failing that, how about teaching it at Pennsic????
> As I said earlier, I'm bringing the spit and stuff out for at least one
> day where I don't have to be fighting and will spend it in camp
> playing in fire and sharing what I've learned. I'll probably do at
> least one salt/clay baked item, spinning chickens and maybe homemade
> sausages on a spit. Plus side dishes and some ceramic pot cooking too.
> Anyone who wants to come by and play and bring your toys I'm sure
> would be welcome. Of course I'd have to clear it with Shawna, the
> Camp Mommy/Landlord.
> Gunthar
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