[Sca-cooks] Comfort Foods from three Cultures

King's Taste Productions kingstaste at comcast.net
Thu May 31 09:36:37 PDT 2007

Greetings fellow foodies,
      Some of you may remember that last year I participated in a summer
camp called Culture Camp, wherein I did international vegetarian meals for
kids ages 5-12 for a week - 600 snacks and 530 lunches all told.  This year,
I am not doing the lunches (I presented them with a much more realistic
price estimate this year, they declined ;) but I am doing afternoon cooking
classes with as many as 20 kids per day.  
        The countries they picked this year are Cuba, Iceland, and the
Phillipines.  I would like to use one class time to talk about 'comfort
foods', and try to prepare or at least have something to sample that might
be representative of a comfort food to someone from each of those countries.
We have snacks selected from each country, although what we have selected
and what we find availalbe when we shop tomorrow might be different things.

    At this point, snacks will be: 
    Cuba: Plantain Chips, Black Bean Dip and Corn Chips, Limeade
    Iceland: Brown Bread and herbed Skyr (using fresh cottage cheese), and
perhaps stewed rhubarb (pending availability) or even blueberry pancakes,
Honey Water
    Phillipines: Tropical Fruit Kabobs, Rice Salas (don't know which recipe
was chosen), Orange Fizz 
        So I'm looking for ideas for Icelandic and Cuban 'comfort foods'.  I
have a recipe for a chocolate rice pudding from the Phillipines that seems
to fit the bill really well. Any ideas?

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