[Sca-cooks] Gastronomica on Spice Trade, Apicius and Martino

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That's cool! I can surely understand long days! :o) I'm mostly just curious,
so no hurry.  Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

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> I don't know that I can summarize it tonight. Been a long day here.
> The primary focus seems to be the question of did the Chile kill
> off the longstanding spice trade and very early on he's refuting
> the 1980 Hyman article from PPC on long pepper.
> He mentions that Columbus discovered it in 1493 and Fuchs
> described and drew it in 1542--
> "But how, where, or when it traveled , or who carried it, remains
> I'll go into more this weekend. Have to be in at the University on Friday.
> Johnna

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