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I asked a produce manager at Kroger about this once.  He said that if
anything went out with a brand name on it and someone got sick, it was easy
for them to find a lawyer and sue the company that had originally produced
it.  So to them, if they couldn't guarantee it was going out the door in
wholesome condition, they couldn't afford to let it go out in any way at
all.  While at Publix, the produce manager told me they never mark down
bruised produce, but donate it all to a food bank.  

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Freegan = if it's free, you eat it.  Dumpster divers eat a lot of free
stuff, most of it very good stuff.  Some places, like Panera, will even go
so far as to separtate the good food products (stuff by law is too old to
sell but is still good stuff) from the general trash.  Other places, like
Whole Foods make a policy of destroying all their excess and damaged foods
and locking it up with cameras so that folks can't get to it easily.  There
are a lot of places that produce or package organic foods and cheese places
that are fairly open to the freegans to visit their bins, even to the point
of not watching as folks haul off truck loads of stuff.

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