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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Nov 2 23:01:32 PDT 2007

Christiana asked:
<<< Can anyone recommend some good dishes for SCA potlucks or  
daytrips, especially period dishes
that would travel well and would be tasty served cold or at room  
temperature (other than
meat, cheese and bread of course :)_  >>>

I've saved some previous messages from this list to go into just such  
a file for the Florilegium, but I haven't created the file yet. If  
you are interested, let me know and I'll send you the raw messages or  
go ahead and create the file.

In the meantime, you might want to look through the various food  
sections in the Florilegium. If you've never been there, the address  
is in my sig. line below.

If you can keep the food cool, how about stuffed eggs?
eggs-stuffed-msg  (38K)  5/21/06    Period stuffed eggs dishes. Recipes.

Perhaps some of these might fit your restrictions:
finger-foods-msg  (26K)  4/30/07    Ideas for finger foods at feasts  
and events.

Mordonna suggested salads in another message:
salads-msg       (162K) 12/11/06    Period salads. lettuce, greens.
Summer-Salad-art  (17K) 11/28/00    "A Summer Salad" by Lady Jehanne  
de Huguenin

I don't think we have evidence of these being period, but they do  
transport well and folks like them:
Scotch-Eggs-msg   (19K)  3/ 5/05    Fried sausage-wrapped hard-boiled  

I think some of the stuff in here might work for you:
Tourny-Basket-art (20K) 11/24/01    "Filling the Tourney Basket"
                                        by Lady Caointiarn.

This travels fairly well:
compost-msg       (82K)  8/25/06    A pickled food of fruits and  

If you can keep them cool, pies or tarts often work well. If you make  
them as hand pies then they are easier to serve at pot lucks and such:
pies-msg         (184K)  7/25/06    Period pie crusts, meat and fruit  

The above files are all in the FOOD section.

More on pies in the FOOD-MEATS and the FOOD-FRUIT sections:
meat-pies-msg    (144K)  4/20/05    Period meat pies. Recipes.
fruit-pies-msg    (45K)  1/ 5/01    Period fruit pies. Recipes.  
Baking pies.

Here are some period travel breads, in the FOOD-BREADS section:
Litle-Morsels-art (18K)  6/23/06    "Little morsels or biscotti from  
16th cent.
                                        Italy" by Lady Helewyse de  
biscotti-msg      (16K)  9/ 3/06    Period biscotti, a twice-baked  
travel bread.
jumbals-msg        (8K) 10/12/03    Knotted twists of dough similar  
to pretzels.

I have had good luck making sweet wafers for various pot lucks in the  
SCA and outside:
wafers-msg        (94K)  6/10/07    Period savory and sweet wafers.  

There are also numerous pastries and such in the FOOD-SWEETS section  
which might work for you.

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