[Sca-cooks] Boston Area visit

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 4 14:11:05 PST 2007

> On Nov 3, 2007 5:34 AM, Louise Smithson <helewyse at yahoo.com> wrote:> I am going to be in the Boston area (North Chelmsford to be exact) from Sunday through Friday next week for training. Is there anyone on the list in that area? I will (hopefully) have email access at some point and can get to emails. Other than that I'll be at the Hawthorn Suites in North Chelmsford.> Helewyse>
My very favorite museum is in Cambridge at the Harvard campus, here is a link to the glass flower Ware collection http://www.journalofantiques.com/Feb04/featurefeb04.htm
I have spent countless hours standing in awe of this body of work.  The collection has now been moved from the odd little place it was displayed for years to a bigger and better place, although I have not had the opportunity yet to go see the new digs.
Also, there used to be a wonderful little Irish pub just on the main drag near Central Square in Cambridge called the Plough and Stars.  Have no idea if it's still there but if it is, well, the crowd used to be some good collection of intelligent misfits.
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