[Sca-cooks] New here aren't we all

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 15:27:20 PST 2007

Ian Rocas wrote:
>  I go by the name Rocas...
Welcome we have me hard stones in this group, you'll fit in! (Roca in 
Spanish is rock. Puff!)
Gunther wrote:
> Welcome to my Living Room. I hope you have a great time
> here and learn and contribute with everyone. Welcome to the
> SCA as well although this list isn't limited to just SCA folk. You
> will have the opportunity to explore and learn about pretty much
> anything you have an interest in. 
> This list has some of the greatest minds in the field of historical
> cooking I've found and access to those other great minds who 
> aren't on here. 
> Don't be afraid to ask questions or post comments or share your
> knowledge but also expect requests to back up facts or assumptions.
> This isn't being mean but one of the major drawbacks of historical
> cooking is assumptions of what "everyone knows" and then finding
> out just the opposite. There is lively debate but I don't allow flaming
> or stuff to get too out of hand. We are a bunch of friends gathered
> together and talking about whatever a bunch of historical and cooking
> geeks talk about. That can be the variations by region of the ingredients
> of powdre forte or the New England Patriots. Sometimes we get off
> topic but it always comes around to cooking.
>> > but am looking to find and join an SCA house that has a presence in the Lansing Michigan area. <
> Well, I'm in Dallas . . . 
Kind of you Gunther but I would like to go to your kitchen and see what 
you do there.
Too bad we are a little far apart, our Rock in Lansing, you in Dallas 
and in Santiago, Chile right now.
    Jen Conrad wrote from Ann Arbor saying she is 'mundane'.
    Just flipped the wrong button deleting that last SCA message. 
Probably wise as I have comments so I am more limited saying I do not 
agree with that because I agree with Gunther said we have some of the 
'greatest minds in historical cooking'. Thanks buddy! Our gourmet cook 
in our home when here is our son who broke down last night for the first 
time being a second year student at Wharton Business School working on 
his MA. At 5 am he called he us and cried because of  classes from 9-5 
and homework until 3 am, student loans and a lot more tension. We were 
so honored he did that.
    We hugged him over the phone and emailed him today while he was in 
class to receive our love when he got home.
    We are doubting tonight whether to send him this message or not:
poor kid who never complains. You know we have it so much easier being 
parents of 20 year olds, younger ladies and gentleman, who need us so 
much but when they cry for our love, we cry too!
    So 'my little rock',  Mr. Rocas, we will love you too if you want to 
love us.

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