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Mon Nov 5 18:02:57 PST 2007

Rocas said:
<<< I just joined, and I'm happy to be here.  By way of introduction,  
I go by the name Rocas in reinactment circles.  I was formally a  
member of the Blue Dragons but am looking to find and join an SCA  
house that has a presence in the Lansing Michigan area.  I am, of  
course, a cook and mead brewer.  I look forward to learning and  
discussing period food here.>>>

Welcome to the SCA-Cooks list and to the SCA!

When you say an "SCA house" are you speaking of an SCA household,  
which is an unofficial group of individuals who join togather for  
various purposes having to do with helping their experience in the  
SCA, or are you looking for the nearby official SCA branches? You  
don't have to play with the nearest SCA group. You can play with any,  
or all, of them that you can get to. Some groups are more involved in  
fighting, others in the arts and sciences etc, so as well as for  
other personal reasons, you might choose a group that isn't the  
closest to you. I believe you can find the groups closest to you on  
the official SCA website, http://www.sca.org/

You might find this file in the SCA-INC section of my Florilegium  
files to be of help regarding households. The address for the site is  
given in my sig. line below.
households-msg    (34K)  7/ 3/05    Comments on households in the SCA.

While you are there you might also want to look through the NEWCOMERS  
section. There are also a number of FOOD sections that might be of  
interest. I do try to get many (most?) of the period or period-like  
recipes and redactions given here on this list in the Florilegium.

You mention that you are a mead brewer. Take a look at these files in  
the BEVERAGES section. It is possible that you already know a lot of  
this stuff, but perhaps you can find some new things. If not, feel  
free to post a message here or send me an email that I can add to one  
of these files so that others can learn from your experience.  If you  
are ready to go beyond meads, there's also a fair amount of material  
on other period beverages, both alcoholic and non.
Mead-Mkng-Tps-art  (9K)  6/23/05    "Mead Making Tips" by Byron Whited.
mead-msg         (170K)  7/ 5/04    Making mead. Honey based  
alcoholic beverage.
meadery-list-msg  (26K)  4/ 4/02    Lists and reviews of commercial  

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