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I'll vouch for this recipe.  I ate it for years, cheerfully scarfing leftovers for breakfast!


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>Obviously a browning agent.  Molasses is a better golden brown and much 
>tastier.  Honey is nice too, if usually less vividly coloured. 
>Here is the recipe I use for almost all "modern" gingerbread purposes.  
>My picky picky brother even likes it.
>1/4 cup soft shortening
>1/2 cup sugar
>1/2 cup honey
>1 egg
>1/2 cup coffee
>Mix together.  Then sift in separate bowl:
>2 cups flour
>1/2 tsp. salt
>1/2 tsp. soda
>1 tsp. ginger
>1/2 tsp. nutmeg
>1/2 tsp. cloves
>1/2 tsp. cinnamon
>Add to liquid ingredients.  Spread in pan, after adding nuts, raising, 
>crystallized fruit or anything else desired, bake till tender and cut 
>into bars.  Or add extra flour as desired, roll out, cut into shapes and 
>Basic Baking Time is 1/2 hour at 350oF.  Adjust for thickness of the 
>Instead of coffee:  Sanka, cocoa, other brewed liquids?
>Additional spices:  coriander, pepper, galingale, anise, whatever.
>Shortenings:  Crisco is good, regular vegetable oil gives a nice soft 
>product but nut oils taste better [strongly flavored oils like olive or 
>sesame would be odd], margarine will work as would lard [but you have to 
>really like lard].
>Fresh chopped apples and pears are good in this.  Absolutely any nuts 
>and dried or candied fruits are appropriate, and a lot of these make for 
>a great Xmas-fruitcake. For a plum pudding steam the batter in a bowl or 
>mold for a couple of hours, then flame with brandy.
>[Adapted from a recipe in THE DARKOVER COOKBOOK, 1979 ed.  Uncredited so 
>my best guess it's MZB herself.]
>silverr0se at aol.com wrote:
>> I have a baking question - I have recently come across 2 separate gingerbread recipes that have unsweetened cocoa as one of the ingredients. 
>> Now, I have been out of the dessert world since the last millenium so can anyone tell me if this is a common ingredient? Does anyone have a good non-cocoa recipe? 
>> Renata
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