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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 6 21:29:52 PST 2007

Welcome Stephen!

My simplest eggnog recipe consists of one egg, one cup of milk and a 
tablespoon of sugar, mixed well.  It gets more complex from there, of 

We want to keep you Recovering from Alcoholism but a lot of the 
historical recipes call for alcohol of some kind, so it gets a bit dicey 
to try to make substitutions.  The "non alcoholic wine" and flavor 
essences just make things worse in my opinion so I don't really 
recommend them as substitutions. 

Instead:   Be lavish with the other flavoring agents!  Nutmeg, cloves, 
extra egg yolks or cream for richness.   Glycerine-based flavors if you 
can get them, try a health food store for vanilla, almond and other 
flavors.  Or maybe those syrups intended for Italian Coffee or Soda 
drinks, such as are made by Torani and Da Vinci.

Meanwhile, back at historical recipes... probably your best bet is to go 
looking through Stephen's Florilegium, a stupendous compendium of past 
answers to similar questions on the net for nigh onto two decades.  Nice 
name huh?  www.florilegium.net 

And the file with the specifics on the egg nog family of potables is 
here:  http://www.florilegium.org/files/BEVERAGES/caudls-posets-msg.html

I might also suggest a switch from egg nog to spiced cider, which may be 
made with fresh apple juice instead of fermented, without sacrificing 
"historicity".  As thou wilt.

Yours in Service,
Selene Colfox
Altavia, Caid [NW Los Angeles, Calif.], SCA

AllRober3 at aol.com wrote:
> Hello all,
>   I am so pleased to be a part of a cooking guild here. I just  joined a 
> Renaissance Group, and in the group I joined a Invocation Guild, which  I chose 
> Cooking and Kitchen Arts. I would like to do a presentation at each of  our 
> gatherings, which are bi monthly, and for the December Gathering I had found  a 
> recipe for Eggnog on a website that called for:
> Sugar
> 4 Egg Yokes
> Cinnamin
> Sweetish Wine
> I would like to make this because it is from the time period that the group  
> I am in, is at 1579, but I am a recovering alcoholic, and really don't want to 
>  use alcohol. Is there any other recipes for eggnog that any of you know of 
> from  that time without alcohol, If not then I figure I will make it, and just 
> buy  myself the eggnog at the store.
>                        Thanks For Your Time,
>                                   Stephen 

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