[Sca-cooks] Egg nog was New here Hello All!!

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Nov 7 04:38:54 PST 2007

Johnna Holloway wrote: Welcome.

> Can you provide the website and source for your egg nog recipe?
> You indicate that it's circa 1579. That's much earlier than normally 
> asserted for a named egg nog recipe..
> The OED has this to say about egg nogs--
> *egg-nog (nog- strong ale. ] A drink in which the white and yolk of 
> eggs are stirred up with hot beer, cider, wine, or spirits.
> The first quote they give is:
> *1825* /Bro. Jonathan/ I. 256 The egg-nog..had gone about rather freely.
> Nog is late 17th century. John Ayto writes-- *nog*  
Nog was originally an East Anglian term (of unknown ancestry) for a sort 
of strong beer—in 1693 we find one Humphrey Prideaux writing in a letter 
of ‘a bottle of old strong beer, which in this country [Norfolk] they 
call “nog”’. Not until the early nineteenth century was it applied (in 
full as /egg nog/) to a drink made from milk and beaten eggs mixed with 
rum, brandy, or wine. An alternative name for it is /egg flip/.

At least in the SCA, alcohol is freely omitted these days. Sites that 
forbid alcohol, problems with liability on drinking and driving,
families with children that don't attend if alcohol is served, lots of 
adults that don't drink
(numerous people who aren't AA members also have made the decision not 
to drink) and the various regulations that deal with
alcohol at official events and who pays for it, etc. I gather that you 
aren't with the SCA, so your group's feeling about this
may vary of course.
> Johnnae
>> AllRober3 at aol.com wrote: 
>>> Hello all,
>>>   I am so pleased to be a part of a cooking guild here. I just  
>>> joined a Renaissance Group, and in the group I joined a Invocation 
>>> Guild, which  I chose Cooking and Kitchen Arts. I would like to do a 
>>> presentation at each of  our gatherings, which are bi monthly, and 
>>> for the December Gathering I had found  a recipe for Eggnog on a 
>>> website that called for:   Sugar 4 Egg Yokes Cinnamin Sweetish Wine
>>> I would like to make this because it is from the time period that 
>>> the group  I am in, is at 1579, but I am a recovering alcoholic, and 
>>> really don't want to  use alcohol. Is there any other recipes for 
>>> eggnog that any of you know of from  that time without alcohol, If 
>>> not then I figure I will make it, and just buy  myself the eggnog at 
>>> the store.
>>>                        Thanks For Your Time,
>>>                                   Stephen   

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