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I wanted to ask for some input on a project of mine.  I have been practicing medieval cooking for several years now.  I am used to cooking it for my wife and myself.  I have never cooked for a feast, though I did serve at a Val-day feast when I was in the Blue Dragons.  I am planning a period dinner party for four couples.  The dinner will be done in French service style along with all of the usual period eating customs.  But I am having trouble deciding what to include in the menu.  I have a limited budget and many of the dinner guests are mundanes (that is to say, not rennies).  I was wondering if anyone has done something similar and would be willing to share their experience.


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> Maire detailed:
> <<< Or consumption.  Many, many years ago, when I was a sophomore in  
> college, I took an art class on pottery.  (What fun to get dirty for  
> credit! <g>) One of our projects involved a firing technique called  
> "raku," if I recall the spelling correctly (Carter was president,  
> okay? It was a *long* time ago!).  The pots are fired in a special  
> kiln, and wet straw is used in the kiln.  ISTR it making a really  
> pretty crackly glaze.  The kiln was set up outside, behind the  
> library on campus.
> Some officious snot turned our whole class in for smoking pot,  
> because they'd mistaken the smell of burning straw.... >>>
> Ummm. I'm not rich enough (or knowledgeable enough about pottery  
> firing) but if you used pot instead of straw, would you get a  
> different glazing effect?
> :-)
> More fun with clay:
> P-tale-MWIFO-art  (23K)  8/26/96    Making Wrought Iron from Ore at  
> Pennsic 24.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/PENNSIC/P-tale-MWIFO-art.html
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