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Tue Nov 13 10:08:35 PST 2007

Nice!  Say, can I get your recipes for the Boiled Salad and the Cheryse please?  
On another note, do folks from different places typically serve some special dishes only to High Table?  We do around here.  It's either something that is very good but too costly to prepare for the masses or something we know is either a particular favorite of someone at High Table or perhaps just an illusion food of something they particularly hate (beets come to mind here) or some wonderous marvel of some sort.
Bright Hills Cooks Guild
> > I've somehow been conned into Stewarding Ansteorra's Central Regional> 12th Night Feast in January.> > It's going to be a bit of a challenge because, although there is a very nice> prep area, the cooking facilities are rather lacking. Because of this practially> everything will be prepared ahead of time and sealed in boiling bags. On> site we'll have a lot of Cajun Cookers/Turkey fryers to boil water and reheat> the dishes. > > So the feast won't be overly fancy but I hope people will like it for the> fact that very little will be store made.> > Budget is around $6 a person and I'll be cooking for 180 which is a bit> small for me.> > Things are going to change a little but here is the basic tentative menu:> > 1st Course:> Egredouce (beef pottage with breadcrumbs, herbs, saffron, stock and topped with minced parsley as garnish)> Sliced apples and pears.> Dates stuffed with almonds> Herbed goat cheese> Manchet bread> butter> > 2nd Course> Zervelat (German pork sausages)> Pease in broth> Boiled Salad (Spinach cooked with wine and butter with raisins)> Makke (Mashed beans with wine and salt topped with carmelized onions)> Digby's Mustard (with wine, vinegar and sweet spices)> *Venison dish to be determined*> > Closing Course> Cheryse (Cherry bread pudding) topped with Creme Bastard (White sauce > made with eggwhites and honey)> Double-crust fruit tarts to be made on site.> > I've been given a couple of offers of venison and it wil depend on what> cuts and quantity I recieve to see what is served. I'm trying for around> 45 lbs or so of backstrap or haunch to cut into cutlets, marinate and roast then be served over frummenty and sprinkled with powdre as recommended in several period sources.> > If it is more like a stew meat it will be diced small and made into small venison pies.> > If it is a lesser amount and tougher meat I'll grind and roast it and put it > in the Egredouce.> > Someone is also looking into getting farmed rabbit meat for a good price. If> I can swing that I'll make Hare in Papedelle (a kind of rabbit lasagne) or Hassenpfeffer just for fun.> If I don't get a lot of rabbit I'll mix it with dark chicken for a mixed Hare in Papedelle. > > If none of this is forthcoming I'll do chicken quarters in a citrus sauce.> > Drinks will be period: lemon drink, hot apple drink and barley water.> > So it is still under development but moving along. I'll give a finalized menu> once all the kinks are worked out.> > Gunthar> _________________________________________________________________> Help yourself to FREE treats served up daily at the Messenger Café. Stop by today.> http://www.cafemessenger.com/info/info_sweetstuff2.html?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_OctWLtagline> _______________________________________________> Sca-cooks mailing list> Sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/sca-cooks-ansteorra.org
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