[Sca-cooks] High Table dishes

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 13 12:14:53 PST 2007

Generally High Table gets the same food everyone else gets, although 
They get it first, and on nicer dishes.

However, if i know that the presiding royalty have some food issues, 
i'll try to make sure that the menu accommodates them to some extent. 
So when there was a Prince who kinda kept kosher, i made sure there 
were enough non-pig meats in the feast, and any dish that had dairy, 
i made a serving without for him.

Then again, if i know that there are a number of people with certain 
types of food issues, i may make a platter or a dish without the 
offending ingredients. I don't generally accommodate individuals, but 
sometimes that's quite simple - for example, one diner several years 
ago wanted salad without vinegar.

At the Ottoman feast i knew there were people who had issues with 
gluten, with dairy, and with sugar. So...
-- I sent out one dish of manti without the yogurt sauce and one bowl 
of the lamb without the yogurt, and i made the Zerde without milk - 
it was made without milk most of the time, but often with milk for 
the Palace;
-- I made one platter of Sheker Burek and Senbuse Mukellele with 
Splenda instead of sugar;
-- and i made sure that there was a soup, a meat, a grain, and some 
desserts without gluten.

There used to be about one table's worth of vegetarians at feasts, so 
i used to make everything that didn't involve meat without any - 
using vegetable broth rather than some sort of animal broth. So for 
the Ottoman feast i'd worked up a recipe for meat-free manti and a 
vegetable broth soup. But i had no responses when i asked about food 
issues, so i didn't bother.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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