[Sca-cooks] Head Table Dishes: Was 12th Night Feast tentative menu

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Tue Nov 13 15:44:33 PST 2007

I think I found additonal relevant notes concerning compensated feast seats.

It's on page 78 in the latest Exchequer Branch Officer's Reference Handbook. 
This is under section D on Pricing:

"Feasts are special in that there are usually several meals given free (such 
as head table). Count the available seats to be sold when counting 
attendance, but count all meals to be prepared when figuring expenses. This 
way, a small part of the price of each sold feast ticket pays for a small 
part of one of the free meals."

Compensated Feast Seats should be defined in the Financial Policies of the 
Branch. Our local branch does compensate Royalty for Feast & Site Fees.

It was good for me to double check this, as I'm cooking a Kingdom Twelfth 
Night feast myself and I'm the deputy Exchequer for my Barony.

Daniel Myers <edoard at medievalcookery.com> said:

> On Nov 13, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Gretchen Beck wrote:
> > 2. Special occasion gifts to members purchased with SCA money are
> > disallowed because of disallowed benefit to private individuals.
> > (CP III) If there is a desire to buy a special occasion gift, take  
> > up a
> > private collection. Gifts are not prizes. Prizes require the  
> > recipient to
> > complete some task in order to receive the prize. Gifts have no such
> > pre-requisite task.
> So if certain dishes are prepared as a special prize
> for the winner of the most recent crown tournament ... ?
> What about if those at head table are asked to correctly answer
> a yes or no question - "Would you like some of a specially prepared  
> dish?"
> - Doc (who understands the reasoning behind such a rule, but is  
> irritated
> when it is used to deny funding of courtesy lunches for visiting royals)
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