[Sca-cooks] flax processing (was Bread labor)

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I know for a fact that cotton canvas is imported as well.  Ours came from India as the raw fabric, and went through various chemical processes here in the US (to add mold/mildew resistance, or fire retardant).
--Maire, former tent and tipi maker
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  Hemp cloth was definitely used  
  for rough cloth. It was what the original "canvas" was made of.  
  Notice the similar/same root as for cannabis. Cotton canvas takes  
  it's name from it's similarity to the previous canvas, although it is  
  not as tough nor does it withstand rough environment as well.  
  Unfortunately, since almost all canvas cloth has to be imported to  
  the US, it costs a bit more than cotton canvas. I had wanted to make  
  my pavilion out of hemp canvas, but the cost, particularly because of  
  the large amount needed, was too far out of my budget.

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