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Daniel Myers edoard at medievalcookery.com
Wed Nov 14 17:53:46 PST 2007

On Nov 14, 2007, at 1:50 PM, KristiWhyKelly at aol.com wrote:

> I have a question for the fruit experts on the list.
> My medlar tree has finally produced a reasonable crop!  So, what do  
> I  do
> with them?  I know to wait for the hard frost then bag them for  
> two  weeks.  But
> are there recipes for these fruits or are they strictly for  eating  
> 'fresh'?

The only two recipes I could find easily are both late period.

To make a Tarte of Medlers. Take medlers that be rotten, and stamp  
them, then set them on a chafing dish and coales, and beate in two  
yolkes of egges boyling it till it be somewhat thick, then season  
them with suger, sinamon, and ginger, and lay it in a paste.  [The  
Good Housewife's Jewell]

To make a tarte of medlers. Take medlers when they be rotten, and  
bray them with the yolkes of foure egges, then ceason it up wyth  
suger and sinamon and swete butter, and so bake it.  [A Proper newe  
Booke of Cokerye]

Menagier has them served along with nuts, pears in syrup, and the  
like as part of the final course of a couple of menus.

Of course you could just pack up a box full and ship them to me.  ;-)

- Doc

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