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Okay. :)
Stephen gave an exellant source for general info and recipes for the
To my understanding removes and coarses are for the most part, different.
What that diffence is I can not seem to retrieve from my brain, perhaps it
is still a bit numb from the funeral.
I thought perhaps that your friend did not know the difference so I thought
I would ask to make sure.

De > > > > > > >

I have a semi-visualization for my own use that uses this analogy:

remove is to course
lecture is to course

A course is a series or intinerary of related somethings, golf holes,
lectures, dishes and plates, etc.  A remove in medieval cookery (in my
little visualizing brain) is a variously defined plate/platter/dish of food
stuff that seems to be removed from the table during a course of food.  A
course can contain several removes even.  I generally just avoid the whole
word remove as it confuses me in my own work, and I have a hard time
defining it succinctly.  I stick with creating courses of dishes and leave
it at that.

Unfortunately, my courses sometimes end up being wholly removes of
themselves as I plate the food items all on one serving platter to be
removed at one time :o(  Whereby the subset defines the entire set.

niccolo difrancesco

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