[Sca-cooks] Dinner in the Topkapi Serai

K C Francis katiracook at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:09:40 PST 2007

I was one of the lucky diners and it was delicious.  The desserts were the best I had had at an SCA feast in a very long time.  I sat with a newcomer family of vegetarians.  They enjoyed all the dishes they could eat and had their fill.  I am looking forward to the posted recipes as there were three dishes I can't wait to have again!
Katira al-Maghrebiyya> Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 14:40:57 -0700> To: sca-cooks at ansteorra.org> From: lilinah at earthlink.net> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Dinner in the Topkapi Serai> > Last night i - with the help of three other cooks - prepared a feast > for Mists Fall Investiture. It was a meal of dishes from the late > 15th C. Ottoman cookbook written by Shirvani, as well as a few > recipes i reconstructed - dishes featured in late 15th and in 16th C. > menus, and some described by Europeans who ate in the Topkapi.
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