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Fri Nov 16 19:36:46 PST 2007

Hug :) 
Yep that is almost what I had store in me brain on coarse vs. remove.


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Greetings!  Course vs. remove... "Remove" isn't actually Victorian but
dates from about 1710.  Nor is a "remove" a medieval word.  And, a course
(in the SCA time period) cannot contain "several removes".  Nor does
"remove" indicate a number of foods placed on one platter.  The term
"remove" has been well-documented by both Ivan Day and C. Anne Wilson, both
respected and knowledgeable food historians, based in Britain.  Here's what
I found and then put into my infamous article "Of Course It's 'Course'! 
Remove 'Remove'!"    I wrote (in part):

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