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Sun Nov 18 23:01:45 PST 2007

Renata mentioned:

<<< Liver is food for cats, not people IMO - most of the time. I once  
some quail liver pate that was terrific.

I'm cooking a goose next week and while the giblets will go into the
gravy stock the liver will go into the cats. I have 2 baby kittens
who have never yet?had liver - can't wait to see their reactions! >>>

So what were the reactions of your kittens to the liver? I think I'm  
still far enough behind in reading this list that you've already  
cooked your goose.

Here are some Florilegium files for those who might want some help on  
figuring out what to do with the spare parts lying around.

Blood-Soup-art    (12K) 12/26/00    "Polish Black Soup - Czarnina" by  
                                        Jawjalny, O.L.
blood-dishes-msg  (27K) 10/20/04    Use of blood in period foods.  
haggis-msg        (94K) 10/25/01    Scottish haggis recipes. comments  
on haggis.
organ-meats-msg   (96K)  8/30/06    Period cooking of organ meats.
pig-heads-msg     (18K)  4/14/07    Cooking, displaying or otherwise  
                                        with pig’s heads. Real and  

Well, not usually spare but sometimes a good source for the  
ingredients for the above recipes.
duck-goose-msg    (30K) 10/ 8/04    Cooking duck and goose. Recipes.
Gos-Farced-art    (26K)  4/ 5/02    "Gos Farced & Endored - (Stuffed  
Roast Goose
                                        with golden glaze)" by Lady  
Constance de
                                        LaRose. Stuffing, endoring,  

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