[Sca-cooks] Possible bargain on knife set for anyone interested...

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> http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Farberware-12-piece-Pro-K
> nife-Set-Case-of-2/2495914/product.html?ak=1
> Overstock is selling these for $79.99.
> I doubt these are really premium knives, but from the photo 
> they look like they might be decent student-grade knives. 
> They don't look like those no-sharpen knives with the amazing 
> proprietary Tri-zor Edge Technology (tm)... in short they 
> appear to be real knives. List price appears to be $380, or...
> There's some confusing text in the ad which suggests you 
> actually get a case of 2 sets? Yes, apparently you get a pair 
> of sets, if I'm reading this correctly, which would make it 
> an excellent deal, I think. It's too early, coffee still 
> brewing, and I scarcely know my own name, so maybe I'm misreading it.
> Adamantius

Indeed, this looks like two full sets of Farberware, and as best I can
make out from the photo these are the same I've seen and considered in
the store for as much as that asking price for a single set (and seen in
catalogs for even more).

>From having sharpened these in the past (at least what I believe to have
been the same manufacturer / grade / design), and even owned an "orphan"
or two, they may take some work to get the edge you want on any given
blade.  The factory edge tends to be too steep -- closer to 30 degrees
than 20 -- and not always complete to the tip. In the worst instance,
there was a flat space on the very tip (perpendicular to the length of
the blade) nearly 5mm square; took me about two hours of hand work to
reshape that one.

Once a good edge is there, I've seldom seen problems in maintaining
these over the long term.

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