[Sca-cooks] Possible bargain on knife set for anyone interested...

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Nov 20 22:36:03 PST 2007

Johnnae replied to me with:

<<< There are books such as these titles:

Knife Skills Illustrated A User's Manual
# Over 300 step-by-step illustrations for right- and lefthanded cooks.
# Exact instructions on how to do everything: mince onions, julienne
ginger, bone trout, carve turkey.
# How to select the best knives and cutting boards.
# Directions for proper knife maintenance.  >>>

Thank you. I did see that on the same Overstock.com site yesterday,  
but didn't order it because I wanted to ask if any one here had an  
opinion about this book, one way or the other, before buying it.

<<< Coming in March is Mastering Knife Skills: The Essential Guide to  
Most Important Tools in Your Kitchen by Norman Weinstein

And next month is In the Hands of a Chef: The Professional Chef's Guide
to Essential Kitchen Tools (Culinary Institute of America)
by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)  >>>

Coming where? To this same Overstock.com site?  Or do you mean being  
published over the next few months. You often mention newly published  
books, so I'm not sure whether these or new or you know these are  
going to show up on the overstock.com site.

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