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I'll admit I didn't look at it in enough detail to notice the punctuation issues, but I think there's, like, half a cup of basil inside the bird, and then there's a whole cup at least in the pan? Basil's such an assertive flavor that I wouldn't want to go to all the trouble with the broths and veggies and prep work, only to end up with 12 lbs. of meat-shaped basil flavor.  (And I like basil...I just think it has its place! <g>)
9 years ago, when I was dealing with what you've had to face recently, we didn't do Thanksgiving, either.  I hadn't thought to do much of anything this year, either, until a friend happened to call--she wants the leftovers (her favorite part), so we're cooking after all.
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  > The recipe looks really yummy, if also a LOT of work! That much  
  > basil, though....I'd think it'd be pretty overwhelming.  I'll be  
  > interested in hearing how you adapt it for a turkey breast...I have  
  > room for one of those (although not a whole turkey, alas!)

  Um, are you bearing in mind that (unless I'm way off here) there are  
  some quantities probably listed without their fractional or other  
  punctuation? One cup salt, one third, rather than thirteen, cup brown  
  sugar, three to five cloves garlic instead of thirty-five, and one  
  half, rather than twelve, cups fresh basil? Or does a half cup seem  
  overpowering? If it were dried, I'd definitely agree...

  Or maybe it _is_ twelve cups.

  We're basically not doing Thanksgiving this year, for practical  

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