[Sca-cooks] How do you reconstitute dried chestnuts?

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 21 12:50:41 PST 2007

That's her neck of the woods, alrighty.

I believe she and her beloved hairy potter will be exhibiting and 
selling ceramics at the Medieval Markeplace, Caid's answer to the Dread 
Holiday Shopping Weekend, Saturday November 24 in nearby LaVerne.  C'mon 
by if you need a break from relatives!

Selene, pimpin' the events as usual

V A wrote:
> I'm coming to this thread a little late, but:
> Huette, if Monrovia/Pasadena is local for you, you should *definitely*
> check out Nicole's Gourmet Foods in South Pasadena.... which is where
> my mom always stocked up on frozen peeled chestnuts before TJs started
> carrying them. ;-)  Nicole also carries a tremendous (in quality more
> than quantity) selection of cheeses and chocolates, baking goods, sea
> salts, oils and vinegars (including verjus) and many other goodies.
> She started her business doing wholesale imports for restaurants, so
> she has plenty of interesting and delicious things.  *Awesome* place.
> http://www.nicolesgourmetfoods.com/home.htm
> Happy shopping!
> Vittoria
> (grew up in Pasadena, and heading down there tonight for the holiday...!)

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