[Sca-cooks] Thanksgiving menu

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Wed Nov 21 21:12:43 PST 2007

A simple dinner for the two of us:
 Roasted turkey  {12 lber} {in alton brown's brine as we speak}
sausage & sage stuffing
twiced baked sweet potatoes {using butter & Pampered Chef's newest concotion 
"sweet caramel sprinkle"}
Brussel Sprouts in cheese sauce
homade cranberry sauce {according to the package, plus I added zest & juice 
of 1 orange & a tablespoon of crystalized ginger bits}
pumpkin pie
a glass of homemade orange muscat {lolo peak winery} and an Australian 

and a pecan pie to share when I visit friends  tomorrow evening for 

10 years ago I started listening and learning from this august group of 
people passionate about food, and historical manuscripts.
Thank you all for your generoisty.  You are counted in my blessings
A toast that we may continue another 10 years, and encourage more to join 
Thank you Papa Gunther for your hospitality.
To the bounty of our blessings!


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