[Sca-cooks] Friday Thanksgiving

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
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Gunthar, don't feel bad.  I'm at home, but we're working today too.  We
booked a Santa appearance for later on, so we're working on hair and suit
and such to get him ready to go out.  I'm not cooking anything (I roasted a
pumpkin left over from Halloween last night, but haven't done anything with
it yet).  Later on, I'm going out to W.GA to cash in on the second round of
eating with some friends.  
This is the start of our busy work season, so I won't be cooking all that
much.  I'll be doing Gingerbread House decorating classes at Viking
throughout December (they love having Mrs. Claus lead those ;) ).  

Oh, and I was busy and didn't mention it before, but I just got done doing
another Roman Britain Banquet for my history class.  I also took food for a
meal over the weekend, so I ended up cooking for roughly 40 over the last
week.  So last night I bought some fried rice for my 'leftovers', and I'm
relying on friends to have the traditional meal available for me.  :)

Happy T-Day to all, wherever you are (I think it is very funny the number of
folks on this list that are cooking extravagant dinners for themselves alone
- I love you guys!)

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Tonight when I get home from work I'll brine the fresh turkey that
has been sitting patiently in the fridge.
Tomorrow it will be roasted with maybe a sage butter rubbed under
the skin and apple, celery, onion, garlic in the cavity.
Stock will be made from the neck and giblets with more celery and onion
then made into gravy.
Cornbread stuffing with chicken stock, boiled egg, sauteed onion, celery,
and mushrooms.
Maybe mashed potatoes.
An acorn squash baked with brown sugar and butter.
Green salad.
I LIKE La Suer peas!
and probably a pumpkin pie.
It will just be for me and the cats. Elizabeth will be home on Saturday
so we will enjoy assorted leftovers.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to everyone over all these years
for keeping this list strong and THE place to be.
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