[Sca-cooks] mustard

Maggie MacD. maggie5 at cox.net
Thu Nov 22 12:02:26 PST 2007

At 11:49 AM 11/22/2007,Michael Gunter said something like:
>The next morning I took the seeds and ground them in my marble mortar and 
>pestle.  This is rather hard work and slow going when using rather 
>smallish mortar, so the other half I tossed into my electric coffee 
>grinder and let spin.  Although it is a horrid mundanity, the grinder 
>produced virtually identical results.

You ran soaked (damp) mustard seed through a coffee grinder? Does that 

That whole grinding concept has been my stumbling block to trying 
more/better/fun combinations of mustard and other liquids. Hand grinding 
just isn't my cup of tea, and I haven't found a mechanical thingie yet that 
does an adequate job.


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