[Sca-cooks] Friday Thanksgiving

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Thu Nov 22 15:15:19 PST 2007

On Nov 22, 2007 2:12 PM, Christine Seelye-King
<kingstaste at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Happy T-Day to all, wherever you are (I think it is very funny the number of
> folks on this list that are cooking extravagant dinners for themselves alone
> - I love you guys!)
> Christianna

Well, in my case, it's because Margali and I happen to have very
different tastes. Since she's working and I'm not, I cook dinner most
of the time, and she prefers very mild flavored foods. OTOH, I prefer
very strong flavored foods, often with lots of spices, so when they're
gone, I can pig out on munchies MY way.

Had a bit of a disappointment, though, today. Decided I had an idea
for the typical mushroom soup/green bean casserole, that might improve
it (basicly cooking it from scratch rather than doing the soup thing)
and thought I'd go ahead and try it, since Margali's away and I don't
hafta deal with her mushroom allergy (I love them, but we don't even
have them in the house because it's so severe- we don't want to take
chances). Anyway, I wandered off to Walmart, figuring it might be
open, and I could get myself the makings, and there wasn't a fresh
mushroom or green bean anywhere to be found- and of course, no other
grocery type store is open. Guess I'll hafta go out tomorrow.

Meantime, I screwed up the timing on the Janssen's Temptation (first
time I've tried to cook it with my low-temp duck) so the duck is
ready, and excellent ;-) but the taters are still cooking. When they
get close, I'll make up the sauce, and then pig out, but I have
consoled myself with the avacado and the duck tail. Duck is just
perfect though- I'm letting it rest, then I'll let it heat just a dab
more at the end of the potatoes, and serve ;-)

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