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>> Phlip mentioned a "pirate" feast that didn't involve the Vikings:
>> <<< One of the things we'll have, is an entire deer is being
>> earmarked for
>> the feast- Avraham and I will have to go butcher it once it gets shot-
>> no big deal. But, having that as an option, it occured to me that
>> since I'll be able to custom butcher it, why not make a presentation
>> piece for later in the day, a Baron or Saddle of venison? >>>
>> Years ago my barony was told we would have venison for the upcoming
>> event. They were talking steaks and such. Unfortunately, the hunters
>> weren't quite as good as they thought they were and we got venison
>> stew because they had to stretch things further. I'd say keep a
>> venison stew or some such n mind as a backup. :-)
> We'll have plenty of time to make other plans. Hunting season's in the
> next few weeks (depending which state they're in- in Ohio, I'd know
> exactly, because they let the kids out of school in Morgan County for
> the week) since the feast isn't until March
>> <<< One thought I've had is to make some
>> real hard tack, and since it's pretty hard to eat, use it for
>> decorations, but edible decorations in case anyone doesn't mind losing
>> a few teeth. Ideas along that line would be appreciated ;-) >>>
>> Serve it with a soup or broth in which the hardtack can be soaked to
>> soften it.
> Well, the venison stew should be there, but I don't necessarily want
> them eating the decorations ;-) ut, thoughts of what to shape the hard
> tack into would help. For those who don't know what it looks like,
> it's ordibarily a fairly thin, square or rectangular hard biscuit,
> with holes punched through it to avoid air pockets.
>> My father-in-law apparently used to make some hardtack that people
>> liked. Not documentably period, but it didn't sound lie this
>> necessary was supposed to be. Let me know you'd like and I'll see
>> about getting the recipe.
> Thanks, but Brandu's giving me a recipe, from his seafaring research.
>> Or how about using period travel foods, other than hardtack?
>> biscotti-msg      (16K)  9/ 3/06    Period biscotti, a twice-baked
>> travel bread.
> Very similar to the hard tack, I think.
>> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-BREADS/biscotti-msg.html
>> jumbals-msg        (8K) 10/12/03    Knotted twists of dough similar
>> to pretzels.
>> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-BREADS/jumbals-msg.html
>> Litle-Morsels-art (18K)  6/23/06    "Little morsels or biscotti from
>> 16th cent.
>>                                        Italy" by Lady Helewyse de
>> Birkestad.
>> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-BREADS/Litle-Morsels-art.html
>> Stefan
> Part of what I'm trying to do is drag my end of it kicking and
> screaming towards the more period parts of things- Avraham agrees. One
> reason for wanting hard tack is to give the folks an appreciation of
> what their imaginary pirates might actually have dealt with. There
> really wasn't a pirate culture in period- rather there were crimes of
> opportunity by seafarers of opposing nations, sometimes, or by
> normally legitimate traders and the like who figured they could get
> away with something. With that in mind, I'm conceiving of a tavern,
> where the patrons will get both foods they're familiar with, as well
> as foods they'd have been missing while they were at sea.
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