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On the fourth day of Thanksgiving:
That tiny turkey roast was still frosty. But i'd had it. No more
waiting! I was going to cook it! So i made:
-- a 4-lb mixed light and dark meat turkey roast;
-- turkey gravy;
-- a baked sweet potato (the kind that's bright orange inside);
-- homemade cranberry sauce

The directions on the wrapping of the 4-lb turkey roast said to cook
25 min/lb @ 325 F, i.e., 100 minutes/1 hour & 40 min for 4 lb. I
rubbed the roast with salt, pepper, smoked Spanish paprika, and a
little olive oil, and put it in the oven. After the requisite 100
min., i stabbed it with the meat thermometer - it was barely
registering.  > > > > >

Sounds like a spectacular feast of 4 days!!  I ma quite envious of the many
days of excitement and recalling thanks to give.

I have a turkey roast that cooks from frozen by its design . . . 37
minutes/lb and it came out nigh perfect.  Mark that in your cookbook,
because I have had very consistent success with that rate of cooking a
frozen turkey wad.  I check temp at 80% of cooking and at 90% to be sure
where I am.  At 155 to 160F, I remove and let rest for 10 minutes.  Gets my
10# turkey roast usually to 165F and ready to carve.

niccolo difrancesoc
loving leftover turkey without all the fuss :o)

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