[Sca-cooks] Mustard - Can you cut it?

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Mon Nov 26 11:16:59 PST 2007

Jenne Heise wrote:

> J.O. Swahn in his _Lore of Spices	
explains Mrs. Clement's invention of bolting and sifting mustard seed. 
Yes the citation would be helpful but there are several references not 
making it vital.

No matter what we write about Stefen seems to have always said something 
on the topic before hand but he or colleagues did not mention Mrs. 
Clements in Zajaczkowa's _Mustard-Marking-art--12/7/06_. 
as he is talking about coarse grinding.
    For garbage minds I came across a few more facts: Hippoctrates 
mentions mustard in 460 BC and the Bible says 'heaven is like a grain of 
mustard seed which man took, and sowed in his field.' (Mathew 13:31) (I 
don't get it.) The monks on Farne Islands used "quern stones" for 
grinding the seeds in 1487. Whooh thought I had a big intellectual find 
there but Wikipedia burst my bubble as it only means the stone on the 
bottom, the stationary stone - in our case the mortar while the stone 
used to crush whatever is the handstone, in our case the pestle.

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>> Maggie MacD wrote:
>>> I've tried a blender, and a stick blender. The mustard just bounced
>>> around merrily laughing at me.
>> Love that 'merrily laughing at you'! I have been a bit shy of this
>> blender stuff. Glad it doesn't work cause our case is making medieval
>> mustard by crushing it in a mortar.
> I use either a mortar and pestle (if you have kids around, you can get a
> lot of grinding done for free) or an electric coffee/spice grinder. I find
> that the consistency is close enough to the mortar and pestle method for
> my purposes.

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