[Sca-cooks] Precious stones to ward off evils

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Regarding the believed properties of stones it seems to me that there were 
several intersecting belief sets related to religions.  For those of us with 
"European" personas the three main groups of these were, if I am not 
mistaken, Christian, Moslem and Jewish.  The Moslem belief sets also 
intersected with those of Indian and China.  The Christian sets also 
intersect directly, albeit in late period, with those of India, China and 
Japan and in early period the Pagan.  Don't have any guesses about the 
Jewish.  Be that as it may there are some stones that are relatively region 
specific, jade is specific case in point.


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>    Last week or so diamonds we discussed but not as stones to worn in
> rings on the ring or baby finger of the right hand ward off evil
> spirits, reduce a humor, poisons, polluted air or whatever. Spanish and
> English texts I have found list numerous stones worn but are rather
> general about the stones' powers.  I'd like to see something more 
> specific.
>    Further it would be fun to know what combination of stones were used
> when wearing two rings. For instance an emerald might be worn on the
> ring finger to ward off poison and the ruby on the baby finger for
> happiness, health and success.
>    Then we need to know why one stone would be worn on this finger and
> the other on that one.
> Anyone ever run across this type of info?
> Suey
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