[Sca-cooks] Precious stones to ward off evils

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Nov 26 19:40:44 PST 2007

Suey asked:

<<<    Last week or so diamonds we discussed but not as stones to  
worn in
rings on the ring or baby finger of the right hand ward off evil
spirits, reduce a humor, poisons, polluted air or whatever. Spanish and
English texts I have found list numerous stones worn but are rather
general about the stones' powers.  I'd like to see something more  
specific. >>>

A-Lapidary-art    (32K)  3/31/99    Period descriptions and virtues  
of gemstones
                                        by Agnes deLanvallei.

<<<    Further it would be fun to know what combination of stones  
were used
when wearing two rings. For instance an emerald might be worn on the
ring finger to ward off poison and the ruby on the baby finger for
happiness, health and success.
     Then we need to know why one stone would be worn on this finger and
the other on that one. >>>

Keep in mind that seeing rings worn this way in portraits, or  
whatever, does not necessarily mean that the people were wearing them  
this way because they believed in these particular superstitions. It  
could simply be tradition.

I've heard the stories behind why wedding bands are worn on the ring  
finger of the left hand. But I doubt most people wear them there  
because of that. They wear them there because of tradition, because  
if they wore them on other fingers other people might not recognize  
them as wedding bands and because their spouses demand they wear them  
on the correct finger. Although the latter reason may have something  
to do with the second reason. :-)


PS: Suey, you've said several times things like "No matter what we  
write about Stefen seems to have always said something
on the topic before hand". This may in part simply be the way you  
come across in English, since it isn't your main language, but please  
keep in mind that very little of the information, for good or bad, in  
the Florilegium actually originates with me. I am only the editor who  
tries to organize it so it makes sense and make it available for  
future use. Many, many other people are the true experts who provide  
the original information. I appreciate the thought, though. Hey, if I  
was as good as you imply, some Crown would have made me a Laurel or  
Pelican by now. :-)

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