[Sca-cooks] food processor question

Maggie MacD. maggie5 at cox.net
Mon Nov 26 20:50:31 PST 2007

At 08:18 PM 11/26/2007,Heleen Greenwald said something like:
>I had my first Cuisinart for 21 years, a wedding gift. I got a
>replacement at Bed, Bath and Beyond a couple of years ago and I love
>it. I don't know what is the official top brand these days, but I
>LOVE my Cuisinart.
>"My furs are not in storage, or draped across the bed,
>they're hanging from the cage door, waiting to be fed."

I have a Krups Master Pro Plus, and from what I've read (and the way I 
shopped for replacement bits), it's a rebranded Cuisinart.  I forget which 
exact model though.

Here's a used one for sale at eBay so you can take a look at it:

It's worked like a champ for me (except on mustard seeds).  It also doesn't 
grind mass quantities of coffee or wheat so good either.  But, for the 
bigger stuff? it's a champ!!


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