[Sca-cooks] one-trick ponies

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 07:25:36 PST 2007

whoa now ... ease up on them horses!

I actually love some of my one-trick ponies.  My favorite is my reproduction 1930s apple corer/slicer.  It makes 12 uniform slices and removes the core too.  I tried the cordless drill thing with pears and I always end up using a knife to finish getting the stringy bits.  One must use the melon ball scoop to finish the job anyway.  Could also be that I am just not coordinated enough to handle the drill bit.  I gave up on the cordless idea entirely when one of the kids borrowed it for something that it they ought not, rendering it unsuitable for kitchen purposes afterward.  Love the idea ... just not practical for my house.

Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer to have tools suitable for multiple uses, but I also have my favorite things that do one thing, do only that one thing, but do it so well that one does not mind having it around.

SO ... just for my nosy edification; a question to the list

what is YOUR favorite one-trick pony?


Jo (Georgia L.) Foster

Never knock on Death's door. Ring the doorbell and run ... he hates that.

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