[Sca-cooks] Single quince recipe?

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 27 09:26:02 PST 2007

colleen.mcdonald at comcast.net wrote:
> Surprisingly, I actually got a quince off of my tree this year - it was just planted this spring.
> Anyone have a recommendation for a recipe that would use a single quince?  Condoignac will take more quinces than I have access to right now, so I'm looking for other recipes.  Doesn't have to be medieval, though it would be nice.
I'm thinking, an infusion in brandy or other strong spirit. 

Otherwise:  how about cooking it with sugar and making a mustard, like 
the Pear Mustard only with a quince?  That should make the lovely flavor 
last a long time, to enjoy over quite several meals.


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