[Sca-cooks] one-trick ponies

Lawrence Bayne shonsu_78 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 13:07:27 PST 2007

As a general rule I prefer multi task tools. Nothing
makes me happier than being able to do something with
my chef
s knife, my chinese cleaver and a paring knife in half
the time someone else can even FIND their specialty
tools. When I was working they were the only knives
that I carried with me. The others I kept in a smal
plastic fishing tackle box in my car.
A well-made uni-tasker, that accomplishes its task
with a minimum of BS, cleanly and efficiently will
always be welcome.

--- Olwen the Odd <olwentheodd at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I am in the market for a machine that only does one
> thing.  A ribbon candy maker.  I kept hoping I would
> inherit the one I knew about but that was not to be
> so who knows where it ended up as I beleive I was
> the only person around who had an interest in
> actually using it.  Well, maybe ebay...?
> Oh, I do have a couple of cutters that are hand made
> by Chirhart and I that are shield shape (one very
> large and one a little smaller).
> Olwen who can't understand why Johnnae only uses her
> garnishing tools for the shape intended.
> > I have a number of things that are one use or
> infrequent use.> Classic angel food cake pan that is
> used only for angel food cakes.> (I have another I
> use for tube cakes.)> Corers, a tricky device that
> removes the peels off oranges, lots of > fruit
> gadgets,> certain BBQ tools that are just kept with
> the grill,> the one candy thermometer that is used
> for hard candies and nothing else.> A lot of my
> garnishing tools are designed to make one cut or
> shape> or accomplish only one function but they do
> it well.> The one knife is designed for uniform
> bread slicing. I have a number> of specialty rolling
> pins. In appliances I have a pizzelle machine that
> make> 4 minis and another that makes doubles plus I
> also own a krumkake maker and> a waffle cone maker.
> They all produce a different size cookie.> >
> Johnnae> > >> > SO ... just for my nosy edification;
> a question to the list> >> > what is YOUR favorite
> one-trick pony?> > Cheers> > Malkin> > > >
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