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I am lucky or maybe fortunate is the word.  I have one of the 
original kitchen aid that were made by hobart, bought in 1971  or 
1972.  I have all of the original attachments except 
for  juicer.   They had an interesting attachment they no longer sell 
not even in plastic that is basically a food mill for the kitchen 
aid.  It has a smaller 'bowl' that pretty much resembles a potato 
ricer bowl with a removable strainer plate in the bottom and a wood 
hmmm what's the right word?  paddle that smooshes and pushes the 
stuff throw the holes in the bottom of the shorter bowl into the 
original kitchen aid bowl.  My mother used it mostly to make pumpkin 
pies.  She also had a squeezo strainer with all the screens.  That 
was used to make tomato sauce, apple sauce and grape jelly, of course 
that's only what I can remember going through that.  She may have 
later also used the squeezo for pumpkin pie if she had time.  The 
good thing about the kitchen aid is that you could let it work 
without you for some things.

I have an original grain mill that is so much different from the one 
that you can buy now.  I also have the original meat grinder 
attachment that is not plastic, but as time wears on the metal 
doesn't get fatigue but it gets discolored and sort of icky looking 
so I got the plastic attachment in reality I think it works 
better.  The auger seems to work better, the disc with the holes in 
it is metal I think not plastic.  You can also put it in the 
dishwasher too.  I also have the spagetti attachments for rolling the 
dough too, I haven't used them yet, and they are metal.  I don't 
think those will go to plastic.  They also have a 'newer' attachment 
that is like the squeezo.  I bought it but haven't tried it 
yet.  BTW, I get most of the attachment from Kitchen collections

http://www.kitchencollection.com   If you happen to have one of those 
outlet malls near your house there is usually a kitchen collections 
you can also mail order as well.  I think you can also order 
refurbished kitchen aid stuff through them.  The blender that I have 
is refurbished.

A few years ago my Dad bought me the professional kitchen aid which 
has the bowl that goes up and down,  I haven't used it yet, but was 
going to start using it when I gave my old one away, however, based 
on some of the comments here, I may keep old Hobie for a while even 
though he is that original yucky green color, maybe the new one 
(professional 6, 525 watts)  isn't as good as I hope it will be.  I 
have to admit, my family is hooked on kitchen aid stuff, I have the 
food processor, a  blender, I had the 5 speed handmixer which we 
bought in 1992 but the beaters wouldn't stay in after we moved, I 
think the movers were rough on the machine was in so I had to get rid 
of it, but I am looking forward to buying the 9 speed model.  We had 
the older kitchen aid coffee grinders that were burr grinders that 
were made around 1975 or so, I also have one of the newer ones that 
looks like a gumball machine.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents about kitchen aids.  All I can say is the 
old hobie helped my mom do a lot of things a lot easier because she 
made almost everything from scratch and we were subsistence farmers 
for about 12 years.  I can remember my Mom making butter with the 
kitchen aid from cream she skimmed from the fresh farm milk from the 
farm down the road.  Yummm  Yummmm.


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>Kitchen Aid is still made from metal and metal parts.
>UNFORTUNATELY, some of the gadgets that you can buy to
>play with such as meat grinder/sausage stuffer ARE
>plastic. BUT the pasta roller I got with mine is all
>metal and great for rolling out ravioli doughs or
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> >
> > On Nov 27, 2007, at 11:35 AM, Susan Fox wrote:
> >
> > > Bear wrote:
> > >> The reference is to the fact that Hobart does not
> > manufacture
> > >> KitchenAid
> > >> anymore, rather than KitchenAid is no longer
> > manufactured.  Hobart
> > >> sold the
> > >> company to Whirlpool in 1986.  According to some
> > discussions about
> > >> KitchenAid mixers, the motor in the Whirlpool
> > manufactured ones is
> > >> not as
> > >> sturdy as those in the older Hobart manufactured
> > models.  At 25
> > >> years, your
> > >> mixer is one of Hobart manufacture.
> > > That must be when they went from metal
> > construction for the
> > > attachments
> > > to plastic.  I have my mom's grinder attachment as
> > well as my own,
> > > they
> > > are pretty much identical except for the material.
> >  I'm a bit rough on
> > > my utensils [blush] so I try to avoid the plastic.
> >
> > Oh, my gosh! Those are plastic??? And not plastic or
> > enamel-coated
> > metal??? I had no idea!
> >

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