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Cainder asked:

<<< Anyone have a recommendation for a recipe that would use a single  
quince?  Condoignac will take more quinces than I have access to  
right now, so I'm looking for other recipes.  Doesn't have to be  
medieval, though it would be nice. >>>

Here are a couple of recipes that might work with a single quince,  
although you may need to choose a smaller than usual pot. These are  
in this file in the FOOD-FRUITS section in the Florilegium:
fruit-quinces-msg (86K)  6/11/06    Period uses and recipes for quinces.

Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 14:47:08 EDT
From: allilyn at juno.com
Subject: Re: SC - an interesting challenge...and its even about  
medieval food!

Chiquart's quinces--vegan

70.  Again, quinces in pastry: and to give understanding to him who
should prepare them let him arrange that he has his fair and good  
and then let him clean them well and properly and then make a narrow  
on top and remove the seeds and what they are wrapped in, and let him
take care that he does not break through on the bottom or anywhere else;
and, this being done, put them to boil in a fair and clean cauldron or
pot in fair water and, being thus cooked, take them out onto fair and
clean boards to drain and put them upside down without cutting them up.
And then let him go to the pastry-cooks and order from them the little
crusts of the said pastries to put into each of the said little crusts
three quinces or four or more. And when the said little crusts are made
fill the holes in the said quinces with very good sugar, then arrange
them in the said little crusts and cover and put to cook in the oven;
and, being cooked enough, let them be served.

Core and seed quinces without breaking through far end.  Simmer until
almost tender, drain upside down.  Stuff openings with brown sugar, wrap
in filo, brush with melted butter, bake til golden brown.   APdeT  2/99

Allison,     allilyn at juno.com

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 11:13:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dana Huffman <letrada at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: SC - RE: Web translators

I don't think I've done this one yet, so here's a
human-done translation for the convenience of those who
want to compare:

Recipe for quince turnovers
      Put the peeled and quartered quinces in a frying pan,
cover them with water and honey.  And [with the] frying pan
put on the fire, turn the quinces many times.  And when
they are white, remove them and make the turnovers. And
[with the] slices of quince put in the turnover, put sugar
and cinnamon on top; and of the honey in which they were
cooked, a little.  And [with the] turnover covered, cook
[it] in the oven.  Make on top of the turnover a hole and,
when it is half cooked (or: in the middle of cooking), put
in another little bit of honey;  and they will finish
cooking.  And to see if they are cooked or not do thus: put
a stick through the hole, and if the honey forms threads
they are cooked and if not, [they are] not.

 > Here's the original FYI
 > Receta para empanadas de membrillos
 >      Los membrillos mondados y hechos cuartos ponerlos en una sartÈn,
 > cubrirlos de agua y miel. Y puesta la sartÈn al fuego, volver los  
 > muchas vezes. Y desque estÈn blancos, quitadlos y hacer las  
empanadas. Y
 > puestas las tajadas de los membrillos en la empanada, poner por  
 > az?car y canela; y de la miel en que han cocido, una poca. Y  
tapada la
 > empanada, cueza en el horno. HarÈis encima de la empanada un  
agujero y, a
 > medio cozer, le echarÈis otro poco de miel; y acabar·n de cozer. Y  
para ver
 > si son cocidas o no harÈis asÌ: meter por el agujero un palo, y si  
la miel
 > hace hilo est·n cocidas y si no, no.

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