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Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 28 09:43:07 PST 2007

The different shows are each geared to a specific kind of cookery audience.

Bobby Flay – “manly man” gourmets with an outdoor gas grill
Tyler’s Ultimate – people who like to cook comfort food notched up a level or two
Rachel Ray – busy, modern moms
Sandra Lee – power women who don’t cook but occasionally have to entertain  (she’s scary)
Paula Deen – comfort food goddess, everyone has a great aunt like her
Alton Brown – cooking geeks
Emeril Lagasse – those seeking the wise man on the mountain
Iron Chef – contact sport spectators

You get the idea.  The network tries to provide programs for all kinds of cooks, so you get a spectrum of programs.

"Emeril’s Essentials" will stay on the network, according to MSN.  I never cared for “Emeril Live” – too high a glitz-to-substance ratio for my taste – ditto for Paula Deen’s party show.  But I do like the “Essentials.”  It’s like a classroom session.

I really like “Dinner Impossible.”  The baseball game episode was downright sadistic – but it does give you a greater appreciation for overlooked aspects of the food service industry.

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