[Sca-cooks] OT, OOP - Any cat lovers in the Florida area?

colleen.mcdonald at comcast.net colleen.mcdonald at comcast.net
Wed Nov 28 12:35:36 PST 2007

Really, really off topic, I know - please send any complaints to me personally, not to the list.

If there are any cat people in the Florida area who would be able to take in a 14 year old cat, please let me know.  Her owner has to go into a care facility and her current owner's relatives will pay for all her care, veterinarian bills, litter, and food as long as she lives.  They can't take her themselves due to large dogs.  If they don't find a home for her by this weekend, she will be put down.

It's a great deal for someone who wants a cat but may not be able to afford one.

Please contact me off list and I will help put you in touch. 


(a kitty mom herself in Seattle)

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