[Sca-cooks] OT & OOP: Sweeney Todd movie

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 29 11:48:24 PST 2007

My subject is out of period and pretty much off topic. However, it is 
food related, in a way.

Some time ago I'd heard there was a movie being made of "Sweeney 
Todd". The music-&-lyrics by Stephen Sondheim are superb. So i was 
quite excited about finally getting to see the play on film.

Now, in the past couple days, i've seen ads for it on TV. I think Tim 
Burton could be a good choice of director - his works are almost 
always both dark and disturbing, and often quite touching.

But i'm wondering about the star choices. Don't get me wrong, i'd be 
willing to watch Johnny Depp do almost anything (i do have some 
limits :-). And Helena Bonham Carter (Tim Burton's SO) has a good 
look for Mrs. Lovett. But are they really the best choices to present 

Has anyone heard anything of substance about the film? In the end, i 
will undoubtedly go see it, but i'm feeling a bit skeptical about it 
as a "star vehicle".

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

OK, OK, neither Urtatim nor her previous incarnation as Anahita know 
anything about movies or Johnny Depp

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